People’s Prep at a Glance

Learn what has made us Newark’s oldest and most successful independent charter high school.

Internship Program and Community Service

We partner our students with some of Newark’s leading institutions to place our students with organizations like the Abbott Leadership Institute, NJPAC, Newark Public Library, the City of Newark’s Department of Law, Rutgers University-Newark, Newark Public Radio, and many more.

Enrichment Programs and Extracurriculars

Our athletic programs and clubs provide enrichment opportunities for all students to discover new talents or sharpen their existing skills. This programming is key in ensuring our students are well-rounded and competitive when applying to college, scholarships, and summer opportunities.


Regardless of our students’ academic standing when they come through our doors, we make it clear that we believe each one can graduate from college and work hard to make it happen.


Starting in ninth grade, all students are assigned to a single-sex group of 9-15 students with a council coach at the helm. Council serves as a safe space for each student, a place where they know they can joke, laugh, cry, ask for help, discuss their fears, and talk about their dreams.

College Persistence

Our mission is to ensure our students graduate — not from high school, but from the college of their choice. We have a number of programs and supports in place, from the first day of freshman year all the way through college graduation, to ensure that happens.

Game Changers

At People’s Prep, our success is due in large part to the relationships our teachers and staff are able to build with our students and families. We invite you to learn about our school through the stories of these relationships in our Game Changers series.