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2018 Year-End Campaign – Amechi’s Story

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Amechi and his peers have a lot to celebrate! Thanks in part to your generous contributions, students at People’s Preparatory Charter School are thriving.

The first half of the school year has included 10 schoolwide college visits, over 30 internship placements, and the debut of our new honors program, Voyage. And to top it off, 43 percent of our senior class has been accepted to a four-year university….and they’re not done yet!

When you make a donation to the Friends of People’s Prep, you are a part of a better future for these students. You stand with our dedicated scholars and help them to strive for excellence.

Today we’re launching our 2018 Year-End Campaign. Each and every dollar will support People’s Prep in providing a high-quality college-prep education for our students and their families. Please consider making a year-end donation and show your continued support of our community.


Getting to Know Amechi: In His Own Words

Since elementary school, I’ve known People’s Prep because my older brother, a William Paterson business undergrad, and my sister, a science major at Rutgers Newark, both attended the school. Partially due to their successes, I made a decision to also begin my high school education here.

At the start of my journey, I set goals to be an AP student and to achieve high academic success. People’s Prep gives me the opportunities and the resources to strengthen my skills. In my sophomore year, I took full advantage of People’s Prep’s internship program, which gave me invaluable work experience, grew my career interests, and instilled confidence in myself.

Ultimately, if it wasn’t for my experiences here at People’s Prep, I would not be on the path to success that I am on now. I am currently applying to several schools, including Montclair, Georgetown, and the University of Maine, where I plan to major in Mathematics.

I am greatly appreciative of the opportunities that have been presented to me through my years at People’s Prep and for the guidance given to me through the school. My experiences would not be possible without your support!