The 2022-2023 Athletics Team

Janae Bailey | Girls Volleyball Coach
Brent Weber | Athletic Director
Alissa Savilla | Cheerleading Coach
Chellamar Bernard | Boys Basketball Coach

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What are the academic eligibility requirements for a student to participate in PPCS athletics?

Candidates for all teams must meet the academic standards established by People’s Preparatory Charter School and the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA).

*Student-athletes must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA AND be on track to earn credit in all classes for the semester in which their sport takes place.
*Sophomores, juniors, and seniors must have passed six subjects and have earned 30 credits during their previous academic year to be eligible for fall and winter activities.
*To be eligible for the spring season, all students must have passed six subjects and have earned 15 credits from September to February.
*Students may attend an accredited summer school to make up credits to be eligible for the fall/winter seasons.

What is People's Prep's academic probation policy?

Students who have not met their team’s required GPA will be placed on academic probation and will not be permitted to play in games until the requirement is met. Each week, ineligible students will face one or more of the following restorative actions:

1. Loss of playing time upon return to eligibility (up to the coaches discretion)
2. Mandatory office hours
3. An academic plan until goal is met
4. Conference with player, coach, and parent/guardian

This actions will stay in place until the student-athlete is no longer on academic probation.

What are the attendance requirements to participate in PPCS athletics?

Any student athlete that accumulates more than 8 absences during a semester will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of that season. In the event a student receives an unexcused absence from school, she/he will not be permitted to play in games or practice that day.

Excused absences:
*Observation of a recognized holiday for the student’s own faith
*Unavoidable doctor’s appointment during school hours
*Illness with a written note from physician
*Mandated court appearance with documentation
*Death in the immediate family or natural disaster
*Absences verified and approved by the school leader such as approved travel for education