Our mission is to ensure our students graduate — not from high school, but from the college of their choice. We have a number of programs and supports in place, from the first day of freshman year all the way through college graduation, to ensure that happens.

  • Futures classes. Every student, starting freshman year, enrolls in a “Futures” class, where they learn the skills they’ll need to thrive in college and the workplace. Futures courses offer free SAT and ACT test prep for juniors and seniors, help students apply for financial aid, support resume and personal statement writing, and feature workshops on topics like navigating predominantly white spaces (like the colleges many of them will go on to attend).
  • “Voyage” honors program. We give our highest-achieving students access to more challenging academic coursework through our Voyage program, offering extra-rigorous classes and the chance to matriculate in dual-enrollment programs at local colleges.
  • College visits. Many of our students will be the first in their families to attend college. So we bring all 380 of our students on tours of college campuses four times a year where they get to understand what college looks, feels, and even tastes like.

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      • College placement. We maintain a college placement office with six full-time staff members dedicated solely to helping our students choose the college that will launch them into their futures. Once they are at those colleges, we maintain a robust support system to help them with anything they need, including assistance with paperwork (financial aid, transfer, re-enrollment forms, etc), regular advising sessions, a library of resources that includes textbooks and technology for the college level, and support with test prep for graduate-level entrance exams like the LSAT and GRE. 


Even though our graduates are no longer on our campus, People’s Prep supports all of our alumni for six years following high school graduation to help ensure matriculation through and graduation from their post-secondary choices.

Each graduate has a dedicated advisor in our Office of College Placement helping resolve small missteps and tackle big hurdles to continue moving towards earning a degree. We follow up with our alumni frequently through monthly phone check-ins and regular in-person meetings and provide additional resources including a textbook library, computers, and yearly financial aid application assistance. Beginning Spring 2017, People’s Prep proudly partners with the Opportunity Network, which provides additional resources and support to all PPCS alumni.


In 2016, less than 14% of our city had earned a college degree, so our alumni support is paramount in our strategic plan to achieve our mission.

This programming is only possible due to generous donations from our Friends of People’s Prep. If you would like to help our students in completing our mission of college graduation, consider donating today.

“What trips up a lot of students from first-generation and lower socio-economic backgrounds, its not that they cant go to the classroom and figure out what the professor is talking about… its persistence. Higher education demands the ability to recognize when you need to see the professor or go to the campus writing center. We work hard to build our students resiliency so they can be successful when the stakes are at their highest.”

– Tahirah Jordan Crawford

College Prep For ALL Students

Choosing your high school is a big step on your journey to college graduation.
People’s Prep believes that all students should have the option of a college preparatory program.

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