Starting in ninth grade, all students are assigned to a group of 9-15 students with a council coach at the helm.

Council serves as a safe space for each student, a place where they know they can joke, laugh, cry, ask for help, discuss their fears, and talk about their dreams.

While councils are critical for academic support, they offer so much more throughout the course of each student’s time at People’s Prep.

Students become sisters and brothers, council coaches become role models and support systems, and together, councils build a community where students feel safe, supported, and loved even on their toughest days.

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“As a council, your collective lives will be filled with ups and downs, old and new members, detentions, honor roll, summer school, college acceptances, and after four lightning-quick years, graduation. After the smoke clears and the dust settles, you’ll forever cherish the memories and the love that brought a group of individuals together to form an everlasting bond.”

College Prep For ALL Students

Choosing your high school is a big step on your journey to college graduation.
People’s Prep believes that all students should have the option of a college preparatory program.

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