Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens.

All students deserve great schools. Since 2011, People’s Prep has successfully provided a high-performing, college-preparatory high school for Newark students and their families. Our students demonstrate a marked improvement in standardized testing, school attendance, and a broad range of academic and non-academic measures. Our school is committed to facing every challenge along this path and to working alongside our students and families to meet them.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the hearts of our daily experiences. They guide our actions, motivate our decisions, and push us towards our mission. More than grades and test scores, living these core values is what will determine our students' ultimate success. We hold the firm belief that all our students can develop these skills and practices.


We never give up. We do whatever it takes. We find another way.


We understand and serve the needs and feelings of others. We listen first and welcome differences of opinion. We support our teammates.


We set ambitious goals. We focus on results. We make each other better.


We are eager to learn. We explore new things. We ask questions that deepen our understanding.


We embrace our mistakes because we always have room to grow.We relentlessly seek feedback. We are grateful for our opportunities and our advantages.


We choose to stay positive. We invigorate others. We go all in, all the time.

Wolfpack Voices

"Get Messi"

"Often times, we let our bad decisions define our next move...Our students’ response is 'I’m not there yet.'" - Keith Robinson, Principal and Co-Director

Our Team

Our students achieve at such high levels, in large part, because of their teachers, counselors, and advisors. We recruit, train, and retain the best-of-the-best because our students require and deserve the country’s hardest working and highest achieving professionals.