Our rigorous, college-preparatory academic program focuses on literacy and mathematics to address students’ gaps and prepare them for advanced study. Beginning in ninth grade, all students take double sessions of both math and English to provide immersive instruction in these foundational subjects. This approach prepares students for the rigors of assessments like the ACT and the PARCC as well as the challenges of college-level courses. Because student access to the arts enriches and supports academic learning, we offer visual and performing arts classes at all grade levels. At People’s Prep, we know that nobody can achieve to his or her fullest academic potential without a comprehensive network of support.

Our 6:1 student-to-staff ratio ensures that all students receive individualized attention, and we provide small group tutoring, and in some cases, small classroom settings, for students with disabilities. Our teachers offer weekly office hours in all courses, as well as evening and Saturday office hours to help students make up work or master challenging content. Teachers are also available via phone for nightly homework help. We also know that succeeding in college involves more than mastering academic content. That’s why all students at People’s Prep are enrolled in Futures, our college-prep curriculum, from ninth grade onward.


Council is a student’s “home base” at People’s Prep. Starting in ninth grade, all students are assigned to a single-sex group of 9-15 students, led by a Council Coach (a teacher or staff member). Students remain with their Council for all four years of high school. While Councils provide academic support—Council Coaches are also students’ academic advisors—their impact extends to all arenas of student life. Students meet with their Councils at least once a day, every day, and work with their peers and Council Coach to create long- and short-term academic and social goals. Council Coaches also serve as the main point of contact for students’ families, building essential relationships with each students’ family. Above all, Council is community—a strong and dependable community within the school, which all students can rely on.


Our athletic programs and clubs provide enrichment opportunities for all students to discover new talents or sharpen their existing skills. Athletic offerings at People’s Prep include cheer, basketball, winter and spring track and field, and volleyball. And in our clubs, students can learn about boat-building, art, history, guitar, and more. In addition, our internship and community service programs allow students to gain professional skills while giving back to their community.

College Persistence

Even though our graduates are no longer on our campus, People's Prep supports all of our alumni for six years following high school graduation to help ensure matriculation through and graduation from their post-secondary choices. Beginning Spring 2017, People's Prep proudly partners with the Opportunity Network, which provides additional resources and support to all PPCS alumni. Please visit this page again soon for more information about our Alumni Support program.